5 Tips To Sound Awesome With Your Vocal Recording

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Recording your own voice can be an amazing experience but it is not always easy to get the expected results. In fact, you may not even like your own voice when you play the recording the first time. This may be discouraging if you know that you are really good. The magic lies in the recoding technique and you can get a great vocal if you do it right. Here are some tips that you can follow to create excellent voice recordings. 

1. Prepare before you start 

The foremost thing to do is to go for recording only if you are well prepared. You first experience in a vocal booth may make you very nervous, even if you are great at singing. The best advice, therefore, is to practice a lot before you record for the first time. It will enable you to establish the right key as well as smooth out any range difficulties. Moreover, you will have a better hold of your lyrics with good practice. Recording becomes much easier and quicker if you are well prepared.  

2. Ensure that you have the best equipment  

For your first recording, ensure that you are doing it with the best equipment. If you have a home studio, talk to a professional musician to know your equipment better and buy the best ones. You can check to know more about speakers if you plan to buy them. Invest in the latest and best quality microphones as well. Similarly, go through the reviews of every piece that you buy for your studio. 

3. Master the microphone technique  

While having the right equipment is essential for recording great vocals, mastering your microphone techniques is the key. Understand the facts such as keeping an optimal distance from the microphone and ensuring that it remains constant throughout the recording. Practice techniques of volume control and breathing sound control. Also, work on your lyrics to get them perfectly when you sing.  

4. Record with an expert  

When you do vocal recordings the first few times, seek assistance from an expert musician. A professional can assist you to understand the nuances of music and vocals. You can also check out to get a better understanding of how studio monitors work and all that needs to be done to align your vocals with the music to create a perfect song. 

5. Work on your diction 

While aligning your singing with the music matters a lot, the same goes for your lyric diction. It is very important to shape your vowels right while singing because this adds emotion to the song and makes it sound good. Seasoned singers pay attention to their vowels because they are actually the sound of the voice and enable them to communicate through the song.  

Besides following these tips, put your emotion into the song so that it directly connects with the listeners. Vocal recordings are a mix of practice, technique and emotion; each of the elements needs to be present to create an amazing performance!