7 Things Couples Often Forget When Preparing For Their Wedding

Preparing for a wedding is very exciting, especially for the couple who can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. However, planning all the details is daunting. There are a million things you need to prepare, and there is a high chance that you’ll forget a few things here and there. 

If your goal is to make your dream wedding as perfect as possible, here’s a list of things that you and your significant other should never forget: 

  1. Buying the Wedding Bands 

How is it possible that some couples forget their wedding bands? These are a significant part of the marriage.  These symbolize their love and union, so it’s far-fetched to think that wedding bands are included in this list. Well, it happens. Sometimes couples focus on the details that they believe are usually overlooked and they tend to forget about the important stuff. 

Make sure that you shop for wedding bands early, so you don’t go in a panic a couple of days before the big event. Check out sites like and bookmark or add to your wish list the ones you are interested in so you can decide later on if you haven’t made up your mind yet.  

2. Acquiring the Legal Documents 

After exchanging vows, saying “I do,” and kissing the bride, it’s not party time yet. There are documents that you need to sign. Check your wedding venue whether they have jurisdiction and deadlines when it comes to your marriage license. It’s better to prepare in advance, so you have everything you need ready to apply for the license. 

You can put together all the requirements and assign it to someone you trust to bring it to the venue. You can talk to your officiant to ensure that everyone signs the documents. If you’re planning on an overseas trip for your honeymoon, you’ll need an official marriage license. 

3. Discussing Photography Wishes 

Every wedding has a theme, and you’ll want to have beautiful memories of the special day. If you have ideas in mind on the specific shots you might wish to have, discuss them with your photographers early so they can plan out when and where to take the photos. 

The photographers may already have a package or a plan for shots, and they will most definitely offer them to you. However, you can still suggest your own ideas beforehand so you get the photos you want and your photographers can prepare. Most photographers appreciate it when clients give input. 

4. A Designated Photo-Op Gatherer 

When it’s time to take photos, you will take pictures with everyone, your immediate family members, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, the family of the groom, the family of the bride, etc. The photographers’ job is to take beautiful shots of you and your loved ones. They will call out who needs to be in the photo shot after shot. However, they wouldn’t know who everyone is unless the photographers are family members or your close friends. 

You should designate a photo-op gatherer for your special day, preferably someone who knows your guests. The photo-op gatherer must make sure that everyone who needs to be in the photo is there. This is to ensure that nobody will get left behind and the photo session will flow smoothly and quickly. 

5. Checking the Food Restrictions of Your Guests 

When you’re choosing what’s going to be in your menu for the reception, be sure that you have details on the food restrictions of your guests. Some may be vegans, vegetarians, or on any specific diet, so you need to consider these. 

You also need information on who has allergies to specific types of food. You don’t want to endanger someone on what’s supposed to be an extraordinary day. Make it memorable because of the happy and positive things and not because of the negative ones. 

6. Bringing a Change of Clothes 

You may want to change into clothes that allow more mobility during the reception. After you take every picture you want with the wedding gown and tuxedo, you can change into lighter clothes so you can walk around freely. The bride may even want to get rid of the high heels and slip into some comfortable shoes. Make sure you get these clothes ready and assign someone to bring them to the venue. 

If you’re planning to leave for your honeymoon after the wedding reception, make sure that you have already packed your bags. You won’t find the time to pack when the big day finally arrives.  

7. Eating 

Don’t forget to eat during your wedding day. Couples often forget to eat their food because of the many things that need to get done before, during, and after the event. There’s a lot of wedding preparations before the ceremony such as getting your hair and makeup done, preparing your clothes, and taking photos, just to name a few. During the reception, you’ll also take pictures with everyone and take time to talk and thank everyone who attended. 

Make sure that you eat breakfast and drink plenty of water because the day is going to be so eventful and you will need your energy. Try to eat your meal during the reception, too, to make sure you don’t faint because of hunger, and besides, you paid for that meal. Insert snack breaks also when necessary. 


Weddings are significant events in people’s lives. It’s a rare occasion that doesn’t even happen for all of us. So, for the lucky ones, they’ll want to make it perfect. If you’re planning your marriage already, take note of all the stuff above so your special day doesn’t get ruined. If you do forget other small things, try to be calm and don’t let it spoil your day.