Top 5 Reasons To Visit World Cannabis Cup

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The World cannabis cup is not just a carnival as people may presume it to be. As the name suggests, the cannabis cup is the leading cannabis festival and trade show worldwide. It is where folks or people from different walks of life gather to network and celebrate the ganja world through various methods such as expositions, concerts or performances, competitions, celebrity appearances, product showcases and instructional seminars among others. Different cannabis strains are evaluated and hence the cannabis cup winners are announced.  

The cannabis cup is hosted in states where there is an endorsement for the use or consumption of recreational and medical marijuana. The marijuana party takes place in different states after the medical and recreational laws have been passed. The laws get to be passed each year thus more states get to be added. The initial world cannabis cup took place in Amsterdam. It then expanded to the United States after the consumption and usage of the drug became legal in some states. Some of the states and cities where the weed parties have been held in the U.S. include California, Michigan, Seattle and Denver. The cannabis event has also been held in Jamaica.  

Some people may begin to question, ‘When is the cannabis cup? At the moment, the precise date has not been determined but when it is, it will be published in the High Times magazine. Therefore, if one wants to be part of the electrifying event, they need to prepare early and get themselves and some friends the cannabis cup tickets. These tickets guarantee one the opportunity to celebrate and network with other persons who want the legalization of the drug to expand to other states and countries. Additionally, there are various reasons why one should visit the world cannabis cup. Some of them are discussed below.  

Rolling joints 

Many cannabis consumers believe that they are experts in rolling joints. However, little do they know that there are individuals from other places who are good at it. In the world cannabis cup event, persons from different parts of the world get to participate in the live rolling joints competition. The competition is open to everyone hence should not be afraid to be a participant. The rolling joints competitions are what bring ecstasy in the festival. Gifts and prizes are awarded to those who have an expertise in the rolling joints competition.  

In this competition, the participants roll functional art joints in different shapes which they believe will enable them to get the prize. Some roll their joints and pre-roll them into the shapes they want. Some come up with names for their joints, for instance, the da Vinci’s flying machine. With such a joint, one has to ensure it doe what its name suggests. People from different walks of life get to show or display their skills and go head to head. Eventually, they get to learn something new from other participants in the competition such as making joints in different shapes such as a sneaker or a snake etc.   

Concerts with award winning artists 

Who would not want to attend a concert where there are award winning artists? These concerts are often packed to the brim as many people want to catch a glimpse of the moment. Additionally, the crowd always has a vibrant and elevated energy which makes the occasion lively. The world cannabis cup hosts concerts with critically applauded or celebrated and award-winning artists which attracts many people from different part of the world. The live concerts in the world cannabis cup are not to be missed. This is because, once one gets to attend them, they cannot forget it that easily. They get to commemorate it for many years an yearn for the opportunity to attend another. After all the activities are carried out during the day, the world cannabis cup ends in style Live concerts or performances by critically acclaimed artists bring the day to an end as people wait for another day. This goes on until the cannabis cup part comes to an end. Would you want to miss such a lifetime opportunity? 

Wellness and yoga sessions 

People who travel from different parts of the world to visit the world cannabis cup festival often encounter some difficulties. Some end up being stressed after raveling and long for some good rest before getting to the function. Nevertheless, one can travel and get to attend the cannabis cup party without worrying about getting there after resting. There are wellness and yoga sessions at the world cannabis cup event one can use to relax and relieve the tension. The sessions are hosted by different persons who have expertise in the skill. Therefore, one does not need to worry about getting themselves physically fit. 

One can also get their smoke and stretch on during their yoga sessions. One gets to relax and relieve the tension while enjoying themselves. Therefore, do not let such an opportunity pass you by. 

Everyone can be entitled to a judge 

In the world cannabis cup event, everyone can be entitled to a judge. It is hard to find any other event or festival where a guest is permitted or allowed to be a judge. Visiting the world cannabis cup event guarantees one the opportunity to try the cannabis flowers, hash, and edibles. This opportunity is granted when one buys a judge’s pass. Additionally, one gets to go on a self-guided expedition of the shops which are participating in the cannabis cup competition. In these shops, one purchases the different cannabis edibles, strains, and hash. They then get to try them out and vote for a winner in the various categories at the end of the expedition.  

Widely appealing comedy shows 

Weed is known to make one more susceptible or inclined to laughter. The world cannabis cup festival has internationally appealing comedy shows one would not want to miss. Visiting the world cannabis cup guarantees one the chance to laugh, have fun and enjoy themselves with comedians from all over the world. Comedy shows are always healthy. Also, it is in rare cases where comedians from around the world attend an event together. Therefore, ensure you visit a world cannabis cup and get to relive the moment. 

In conclusion, the world cannabis cup is not a fair or carnival but the leading festival and trade show in the world. It is the most trusted and established event in the cannabis industry.  It is hosted in states where the recreational and medicinal usage or consumption laws have been passed. However, the legitimacy or validity of the plant is still being fought for so that the festival gets to be hosted in different areas. There are various reasons why one should visit the world cannabis cup and some of them are discussed above.