Maximum Motivation – 5 Secrets To Boosting Employee Engagement

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It’s no secret that happy and motivated employees are more productive than those who feel unappreciated in their role. When you make your employees feel valued and supported, you’ll improve team morale and have everyone looking forward to getting the job done. So, what are the best ways to boost employee engagement? While some companies spend thousands of dollars in consulting fees to find the answers, all it takes is a little bit of creativity to get your workplace culture up to scratch. Before you pull out the checkbook, here are 5 helpful hints to get you started:

Reward a Job Well Done

Everyone likes to feel appreciated for their hard work, which is why it’s essential for you to recognize your employees’ efforts on a regular basis. This can be as simple as giving a team member a compliment for a project they’ve successfully completed, but if you want to go one step further in rewarding your staff, consider a thoughtful corporate gift. There’s a wide range of options out there to suit different interests and personality types, so make sure to pick something that suits the recipient’s tastes. Receiving a gift will go a long way toward ensuring your employee feels recognized and valued!

Encourage a Collaborative Approach

Every workplace has its inefficiencies and frustrations. However, if you’re able to foster a collaborative approach in the office, you can encourage people to be proactive in keeping the company cogs turning, so to speak. Talk to your staff. What makes their day-to-day lives difficult? What ideas do they have to make internal processes run more smoothly? What about suggestions to improve customer satisfaction? Most teams have an untapped depth of knowledge about the critical weaknesses of their role, and how these issues can be fixed. Not only will your staff appreciate being asked, but you might find that their suggestions can help you to improve the efficiency of your business.

Show How Their Role Fits In

It’s quite common for employees to feel a disconnect between the work that they do on a day-to-day basis and the overall company vision and objectives. If you can show your team members how their work contributes to the bigger picture, you’ll be able to instill a sense of value and importance in them. As a result, they’ll see that doing the best job they can contributes to the success of the whole organization.

Offer Flexibility

Some firms are afraid of relinquishing control of their employees by allowing them to work from home, or have flexible start and finish times. However, many employers don’t know that people who work from home generally work for longer hours because there’s no official off switch. Plus, increased flexibility leads to happier and more productive employees in general. If you demonstrate your trust in staff by giving them some freedom, they’ll usually repay you by delivering on their workload, and then some.

Socialize Together

Whether you eat together as a team in the lunchroom or start going to Tuesday night trivia at the bar each week, getting to know your employees on a social level is a surefire way to boost team morale. These shared experiences will make your staff more eager to assist each other in the workplace and improve their communication. Plus, having fun together is a great way to let off some steam when things get stressful at work.

At the end of the day, if you can show your employees that you genuinely appreciate them, you’ll find that they reciprocate by working hard and giving 110%. Keep the above tips in mind to build a powerful team that can help you reach your business goals in no time.

Written by Reena Khan

Located on Long Island, I'm an aspiring writer with a passion for everything from culture to martial arts to food, etc. I'm currently studying toward my Bachelor's degree at Stony Brook University with a Major in English and a Minor in Journalism.

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